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As part of a painting and decorating effort at your place in Sydney, you are dillydallying between a conventional or unconventional look and feel. You want to brighten up your place with a round of painting and decorating efforts. If you so feel, we at Salma Painting and Decorating Service would say go for it. And this is one of the specialised service we offer.

If you are looking at a specialised textured coating or finish, or you have any other painting and decorating themes or ideas in mind, let us know.

If you want a suede finish or effect, want a metallic effect, cement or brick finish, want sponging or rag rolling, or you want a grainy effect and texture or maybe you want a marbling finish, Salma Painting and Decorating will undertake it all and more.

For any painting and decorating service, we have specialised rollers, trowels and other equipment so as to get the desired finish and texture.

So, don’t wait up! Connect with Salma Painting and Decorating Service to know more about our painting and decorating service. Call us on 0450437474  or email us at 

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