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Are you looking for the best Industrial painters in Sydney? If yes, you are at the right place with us!

The experienced painters at Salma Painting and Decorating Services also specialise in industrial painting. We are well-aware that industrial painting is a process that is specialized and requires good knowhow and experience. And that is why if you want a round of industrial painting services for your company, warehouse or a large facility, reach out to us.

The painting work includes adding protective coating to the exterior and interior walls of the industrial building. We take on a painting service of any scale, size and if you are looking for a simple fix or a very large complex painting service, we take it on. Most of all, we customise the painting services as per your building, size, requirement and factor in many related parameters.

The one thing that you can always be rest assured is that we work within the predetermined budget. And we will always exceed client expectations. You have nothing to worry about as our experienced industrial painters will take care of it from beginning to completion. Our workmanship and reliability has helped us garner many clients’ over the years.

Our industrial painting services comprise of:

  • New painting and repainting services
  • Adding a protective coating
  • Paint stripping and adding a new coat of paint
  • Waterproofing
  • Fix, and repair cracks, holes in the walls, remove all peeling and flaking paints, treat mould and moisture, water damage, and remove all and any type of stains

For any industrial painting service, we have all the safety gadgets and painting equipment in place.

For an anytime round of industrial painting service in Sydney, reach out to Salma Painting and Decorating Service on 0450437474  or email us at 

Industrial Painting Services Sydney

We bring the technical expertise to ensure on-time, safe and reliable delivery of medium to large-scale industrial projects. With 15 years experience as industrial painters specialising in epoxy coatings, we have the track-record to be your trusted partner across Commercial and Government projects.

Industrial painting services involve services designed to paint various industrial areas such as garages, warehouses, and storage rooms. Industrial painters paint a range of surfaces and materials that require special paints, tools, and techniques. The painting job is not used for aesthetic purposes. It is utilised to boost practicality, such as when painting automotive components to make these more functional. Thus, industrial painting is not for every painting company but only for those qualified to do it.

Our industrial painting services include the following:

  • Processing plants, chemical storage plants
  • Power generation
  • Transport infrastructure
  • Water and waste-water treatment systems
  • Mining machinery and digging equipment
  • Offshore structures
  • Pipelines
  • Bridges
  • Industrial tanks
  • Manufacturing facilities and plants
  • Steel structures
  • Warehouse and storage facilities
  • Government infrastructure, building projects, and public spaces
  • Navy and Military contracting
  • Marine and Merchant Navy, container shipping, and dry dock

If you are searching for the best industrial painting services in Sydney, look no further than Salma Painting.

Industrial Painting Sydney

We at Salma Painting know that the type of tools and finishes required for a professional industrial painting job is typically different from standard residential jobs. Durability and wear are paramount.

We work with commercial-grade products to ensure durability and longevity in many environments including

  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Utility Plants
  • Equipment
  • Dust Collectors & Ductwork
  • Storage Tanks & Pipelines
  • Pipes and more…

If your factory, or premises, is currently in production we will work with your maintenance or facilities management team to avoid disrupting your facility. If disruption is inevitable, we’ll work to ensure the job we do is completed as quickly as possible, producing a first-class and lasting result.

You can call us for more information on Industrial painting in Sydney. Our team is always here to provide genuine information.

Exterior Industrial Painters Sydney

Industrial painting of pipes and facilities in Sydney is subject to environmental conditions. That means it’s vital to have pipes, factories, and facilities painted by a properly trained and certified industrial painter.

We at Salma Painting are trained in this stuff and as usual, we aim to ensure that our industrial painting services will provide you with results that are second to none.

So, go ahead, call us now or fill out a contact form and we will come and give you a quote for your industrial painting.

Our maintenance painting services are designed to save you money by protecting your property and equipment.

We use the best quality Sydney industrial coatings to prevent corrosion or accidents and improve safety by making surfaces fire- and heat-resistant.

Our painting experts apply non-slip surface coatings for factory floors to ensure safe working conditions for staff productivity and care.

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